School Counseling Department Mission Statement


The mission of Unity Braxton Middle School's Counseling Department aligns with the school's mission statement to support students in their quest to achieve their highest potential as life-long learners. The comprehensive Prince William County School Counseling Program (K-12) is an essential and effective educational framework that will enable all students in our diverse population to acquire personal, social, career, and academic competencies necessary to function and to contribute as productive citizens in an ever changing society.


Unity Braxton MS Counseling Department's Vision:

Unity Braxton Middle School is the center of learning where the whole school community collaboratively provides and inspiring, creating and rigorous International Baccalaureate Curriculum.  This is accomplished in a safe environment that promotes student-centered learning, positive and respectful social interactions and global awareness... one child at a time.

Beliefs Statement

The professional school counselors at Unity Braxton Middle School believe in the inherent worth, dignity and ability of our diverse population of students as well as the right of all students to have access to the full range of services offered by the school counseling staff. In addition, the counseling department has a core belief that counseling should be developmental and preventative in nature, striving to incorporate research based ideas, strategies and techniques as part of a data driven program aligned with the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model and the Prince William County Schools' Guidance Curriculum. Unity Braxton Middle School counselors abide by the ethical standards as endorsed by ASCA.


It is the belief of the school counselors at Unity Braxton Middle School that:

All students are unique and capable.

All students deserve to have opportunities in which they are encouraged to achieve success in an environment of high expectations.

All students should feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, as well as a strong connection to students and adults in the school community.