Welcome to Unity Braxton Middle School: An IB World School since 2004

Welcome to Unity Braxton Middles School! My name is Jeanine Fox. I was appointed as the IB Coordinator in 2016. My role as coordinator is to ensure we are developing inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring students who create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. All of our students (6th, 7th, and 8th) are part of the MYP, a 5-year international program for children aged 11-16. As our 8th graders transition into high school, we encourage them to continue the program at Unity Reed High School, our partnership school. Studies have shown that students who enroll in the IB program are more likely to attend and complete a secondary education. (Source: University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research)

IB: What's its purpose?

"We develop a local and global citizen." The mission of the Middle Years Programme is to:

  1. Promote a holistic education that focuses on the development of the eight subject areas
  2. Ensure the development of intercultural awareness as a local and global citizen
  3. Encourage open and effective communication

These aims are summarized in the 10 attributes of an IB learner called The Learner Profile. Here at Unity Braxton, we highlight one attribute a month and encourage and recognize students who exhibit their characteristics.

Here are the months and the attribute for each:

  • Sept- Principled
  • Oct- Thinker
  • Nov- Caring
  • Dec- Balanced
  • Jan- Inquirer
  • Feb- Risk-taker
  • March- Open-minded
  • April- Communicator
  • May- Knowledgeable
  • June- Reflective

IB World Schools: A different set of standards.

There are 3,700 IB schools in 147 countries across the globe. In the region of North America and the Caribbean, there are 707 IB MYP schools and 41 in Virginia alone. Here in Prince William County, we have four Middle Schools that offer the IB MYP; Unity Braxton is the only one on the Western side of the county.

So what is so different?

Each subject area is taught as an inquiry-based/concept-based unit that extends beyond the classroom and into the community. These subject areas are required to assess each student using 4 specific objectives. Each objective ranges from 1-8.

Here at Unity Braxton Middle, teachers assess using these criterion objectives only on the end of the unit assessment. This end of unit assessment is worth at least 100 percent of a student's overall unit grade.

What does this mean for your child, an IB student?

  • Students will create and complete authentic skill-based assessments in each of their classes.
  • Teachers will be building skills (critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, working in real-world situations) and giving useful feedback on their progress throughout the unit.
  • IB Rubrics and descriptions of end-of-unit assessments should be giving at the beginning of the unit and will be constantly referred back to and worked on throughout the unit.
  • A variety of subject knowledge in the 8 subject areas including the study of a foreign language, Spanish or French, in support building communication and appreciation of other cultures.
  • An emphasis on Service Learning/ Community Service through after school projects and clubs, donations and fundraising for non-profit organizations, and in-class projects that extend the classroom beyond the school walls.

Why continue as an IB student throughout high school?

The MYP is an international program that extends from 6th grade to 10th. Once MYP students finish year 5 (10th grade) of the program, they have the option of enrolling in the DP (Diploma Program) or the CP (Career Program) for the 11th and 12th grade. These programs set the students up with learning and skills necessary post high school.

More Information?

Please visit the IB website or see additional documents below. For answers to additional questions, please email our IB Coordinator, Ms. Jeanine Fox at foxjs@pwcs.edu