My name is Catie Ensz. I have been the school nurse at Unity Braxton Middle since the 2016-17 school year. Prior to working at Unity Braxton I have practiced in the settings of in-patient pediatric nursing, in-home pediatric nursing (medically fragile), and school nursing in and outside of PWCS. I received my BSN in 2007 and my certification in pediatrics in 2008. I also have a BA in Spanish. I decided at age 14 that I wanted to be a nurse and never looked back! Areas of special interest include pulmonary care and diabetes education. I am a member of the insulin/glucagon teaching team for PWCS. I love teaching students and their families how to better optimize students' health and well-being in the school setting and beyond. I tell our students that I promise to provide for them the same level of care that I would hope to for my own family members. Please reach out to me (email is the most efficient) with thoughts, questions, or concerns. My email is If you need to reach me during school hours, please call 703-361-3185. Our fax number (for medical forms, health treatment plans, etc.) is 703-335-6035.

Announcements, Spring 2021

Additional clinical updates at the state and local level can be found here:
CDC website
VDH website

State updates childhood vaccine requirements (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

To align with current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
recommendations, the 2020 General Assembly passed House Bill 1090 amending minimum vaccination requirements. View VDOE Superintendent's Memo 095-21, House Bill 1090 Childhood Vaccine Requirements Update (PDF) and the following attachments:

Happy hand-washing,
Nurse Catie